About Us

 Hejian Huasheng Auto Parts Co., Ltd. was founded in 1993, is specialized in producing automobile ignition pressure damper manufacturers. Collection development, development, production, and sales. . 
The full range of product specifications, are silicone, EPDM, TPE synthetic rubber, elastomers, PVC and other materials for your choice. A magnetic core of nickel wire contact wire wound rubber, cotton yarn, nickel-wound, conductive wire core, carbon fiber wire core, and other varieties. Products with high pressure, high temperature, anti-aging, anti-interference characteristics. The qualified products by the professional bodies. The annual total ignition wire 50 million or more, and provide OEM processing business. 
The company high-quality staff groups as support, scientific and standardized management system for the protection of "quality first, reputation-based" for the purpose, "not the biggest, but the best" as the operating principles, technology and innovation the main line, expand beyond self, to provide you with high quality products, perfect service. Closely linked to business and customers, to create a better future.